61 South Holcomb St.

West side of street

There was no building footprint on the 1872 map of the Village. The site at the time was a part of the property of Oscar Bump who lived in the house to the north, 42 South Holcomb. This house was apparently built circa 1880 for Jerome Vliet. Architecturally it isn't certain if the original house included the wraparound porch. The porch may have been a Queen Anne style addition to a late Victorian Vernacular Style farmhouse. The shaped shingles in the porch gable is detail typically used on houses built in the Queen Anne (and Shingle) style. The foundation of the porch is of rusticated concrete block which was produced locally and was probably added about 1910 to replace the original deteriorated porch railing and turned spindels. Note the detail of the flat window hoods which appears on other houses in the Village. In the 1980s, the double gabled bay wing on the south was added; a barn at the back was replaced with a large garage, and a chicken coop to the north of the barn was dismantled. A large two story section was constructed on the rear (west) facade in the early 1990s. For about fifty years this was the home of George Elliot, a carpenter, and his wife, Victoria Carran. Victoria, the daughter of James and Elizabeth Carran, and her sister, Sara lived at the house on the site of 11 N. Main Street until they both moved here.

Official Property Description: 
  • Part of Block 13 of Nelson W. Clark's Plat of the Village in the Southwest 1/4 of Section 20 in Independence Township. Lots 4 & 7 Block 5 of Myron G. Cobb's Southwestern Addition to the Original Plat of the Village. Lot 93 of the Assessor's Plat.
Significant Property History: 

Note: All the properties currently located in the Historic District were originally part of a tract registered by Butler Holcomb with the federal government on October 22, 1831. Thus, abstracts for these properties, when they exist, show the original transfer to be from the United States to Butler Holcomb and may also include references to then President Andrew Jackson. 1842 Nelson W. Clark, Original Plat of the Village. 1843 Nelson W. & Phidelia Clark to Polly Clark. Blocks 13, 14, 15 & 16. 1844 Nelson W. Clark, Block 13, assessed value $5. 1848 Polly Clark, Blocks 13, 14, 15, & 16, assessed value $76. 1849 Polly Clark to Myron G. Cobb, Blocks 13, 14, 15 & 16. 1854 Myron G. Cobb's Plat of the Southwestern Addition. 1859 Charles E. Phillips, Lots 7 & 8 Block 5, assessed value $80. 1860 M.H. Clark, Lots 3 & 4 Block 5. 1861 as above. 1864 Charles E. Phillips, Lots 7 & 8, assessed value $80. 1867 Oscar Bump, Lots 3 & 4 Block 5 & Lots 7 & 8, assessed value $100. 1870 Oscar Bump, assessed value $125. 1872 Map of the Village has no building footprint on this site, owner O. Bump. 1874 Jacob Petty, Lots 3, 4, 7 & 8, assessed value $120. 1876 Jacob Petty, Lots 3, 4 & 7. 1914 Jerome Vliet, Lots 4 & 7 Block 5, assessed value $1800. 1917 George Elliot. 1920 George Elliot, Lots 4 & 7, assessed value $2500. 1935 G. Elliot, assessed value $1500. 1950 G. Elliot, Lot 93. 1956 G. Elliot.