About Us

Welcome to the Historic District of Clarkston, Michigan. The project to share this information is a collaboration of:



We are proud of the history of our beautiful community and invite you to explore this site to discover our village’s charm. Whether you are a casual visitor, a student learning about your local history, a seasoned researcher, the owner of one of these lovely historic homes, or a potential home buyer, we hope you will enjoy your time here and find the information you seek. 


A Bit of History


In 1994, the Community Information Network (CIN) website was built by Susan and Bill Basinger with a Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) grant administered by the Library of Michigan and obtained by the library director at the time, Mollie Lynch. The website was diligently researched and lovingly created with additional support from Daniel Addis, Ruth Addis, Art Pappas, Daisy Dowling, Mrs. Ronald Walter, Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Wilford, Charles Roberston, Louise McClintock, Mrs. Rexford, Marie Frederick, Muriel Spencer, Ruth Davies, Alma Goldner, Marilyn Hanson, Judy Roeser, Doris McElmurray, Laura Stern, Nadine Thompson, Dan Colombo, Sandra Conlen, the Henry Ford Museum and the Clarkston Community Historical Society. The CIN website was cutting edge at the time and provided access to a wealth of historic information about the Village of Clarkston. If you would like to see the original site, it is still available here.


In 2016, recognizing the value of the original Community Information Network website and realizing the need to protect the hard work of the people who created it, the Library Board of the Clarkston Independence District Library approved a proposal for local web company IGD Solutions to assist in transitioning the site to a modern platform. The goal of this project was to embrace the original site and all of its contents, create compatibility with a wide variety of devices, build in flexibility as technology evolves, and assure this rich history is available well into the future.