Habbin, Elizabeth Sarah Johnson

  • Born 7/31/1833 in Oriskany, New York. Daughter of Augustus Snow and Sarah Ann (Noyes) Johnson.
  • Died1904 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Married 1st husband, Louis LePrelete Tiffany 3/31/1852 in Detroit, Michigan. He was born 2/14/1826 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Died 9/05/1864 in Detroit, Michigan. He was the son of Horace Tingley and Mary Ann (Day) Tiffany. Louis Comfort Tiffany was a cousin. See the Tiffanys of America published in 1901, page 27.
  • Children: Horace, born 2/02/1853 in Detroit, Mi. Died 1/07/1855; Emily C., born 6/07,1854 in Detroit, Mi. Married Charles C. Dresser, 11/23/1885 in Detroit, Mi.; William Curtis Noyes, born 8/25/1856. Died 6/10/1926.; Walcott Day, born 7/18/1862.
  • Married 2nd husband, Walter C. Habbin of Clarkston, 4/22/1871.
  • Children: Grace L. Habbin, died 1/25/1956.