Johnson, Ransom

  • Died in 1895.
  • Son of Thomas Johnson, one of Clarkston area's earliest settlers who purchased a tract in Section 15 of Independence Township from John Davis.
  • The 1860 census records listed Ransom as a 33 year old farmer who was born in N.Y. Wife, Malvina was also listed as a 33 year old born in N.Y. Children; Jane, age 4, born in Mi.; Jenett, age 4, born in Mi.; and Alice, age 2, born in Mi.
  • Daughters, Charlotte Daphne (Mrs. John Turner Peter Smith), Janette E. (Mrs. William Buzzard. She died in childbirth, 5/5/1881), Alice (died young), and Jane, "Jenny" (Mrs. Elmer Vliet).
  • Residence 66 E. Washington which he probably built circa 1878.