Jossman, Isadore(Esidore)

  • A native of Germany who came to Oakland Co. in 1844 & Clarkston in 1855.
  • He married Sarah Lehman.
  • Sons: Joseph married Clara Robertson, daughter of Dr. C. G. Robertson, on 4/5/1882. He died in June of 1936.
  • Sons, Willie R.; Samuel; Henry R.; Ralph E.; & Albert.
  • Daughters: Carrie & Martha.
  • According to Constance Lektzian, in a 1967 Clarkston News article, upon coming to Esidore bought the "general store and produce business of Captain John Knox". According to tax records, Isadore/Esidor had a dairy north of Miller Rd, west of M-15 for a time. He operated a general store with I. Frank for a time, then apparently alone. He is credited with starting the first bank in Clarkston by using milk cans for money containers in his general store. Where this general store was, is in dispute. One article by Constance Lektzian says it was in a building on the southwest corner of S. Main & W. Washington, while another says it was in the building on the northeast corner of N. Main & E. Washington St.. Yet another source says it was in a 2 story wood building on the east side of S. Main St. The bank which Lektzian says was formally organized with J. C. Bird was the Clarkston Exchange Bank. In 1871,165 N. Main became his residence. See 6/01/1967 Clarkston News article by Constance Lektzian.
  • "E. Jossman, State Bank, General Banking and Real Estate, Clarkston." A listing in the 1908 Standard Atlas of Oakland County.