Scranton, Washington Clark

  • Died 2/17/1893. According to 1860 Clarkston census records, "Clark" Scranton was a 40 year old merchant who was born in New York.
  • Wife Charlotte. Died 12/18/1890. 1860 census records listed her as 39 and born in New York. Also a member of the household was Hannah Lapham, 72, born in Rhode Island.
  • The tax records site him for the property on the east side of N. Main St. from the stream to M. H. Clark's property (62 N. Main). The house at 58 N. Main was apparently built for him. Was he related to Nicholas Bonaparte Smith who lived in the house until his own death? In 1895 Scranton sold a store building which was on the corner of his property, now the site of 3 N. Holcomb, to Daniel Addis who moved the building to 2 S. Main. The original section of the residence which now stands on that site of 3 N. Holcomb was probably built in 1882 for Scranton.