Smith, Nicholas Bonaparte

  • Born in Chili, N.Y. According to 1860 Clarkston tax records, Nicholas was born in 1820 and a clerk at the time.
  • Mother's maiden name Bigler.
  • First wife, Mary, was the daughter of Bildad Phillips, one of Independence Township's first settlers. Their son, became the Honorable Samuel Smith.
  • Second wife, Emmaline Walter, Jacob Walter's daughter. "Emeline" was listed in 1860 records as 26 and born in Michigan. Also listed were Ann, 11, born in Michigan & Samuel 7, born in Michigan.
  • Daughter of Emmaline & Nicholas, Zoe D. Grant.
  • Smith was a merchant & pharmacist who had a drug store on the northeast corner of E. Washington & N. Main St. Smith was town clerk in 1857 & 1859; & a master of Cedar Lodge, No.60. Residence 58 N. Main. See 12/14/1967 Clarkston News article by Constance Lektzian.