Walter, Earl

  • Son of William Wallace & Laura Fleming Walter. Born 5/25/1891. Died 1936.
  • Wife Carrie Ann Jones. Born 1889. Died 1975. They were married, 3/17/1915, in the Clarkston Methodist parsonage, 25 Buffalo.
  • Four daughters: Laura Caroline, Elizabeth Jane, Phyllis Elaine, and Ruth Geraldine.
  • Earl & Charles Hill had a farm implements business in one of the wood buildings which stood on the site of the "brick block", 14,16 18 S. Main St. Then beginning in the early 1920s until his death in 1936, Earl had a trucking business. He would take the produce of area farmers [mostly potatoes] to the Detroit Eastern Market. He would return on these thrice weekly trips with meat, fish, cheese for the Caribou & Deer Lake inns or plumbing supplies for H. Garters hardware or needs for other businesses. He built the garage at 121/123 N. Main. He & Russell Walter bought the ice house of Alvin Beardsley (lot & barn ). They cut ice from the mill pond & stored it in marsh grass, straw & sawdust.