17 North Holcomb St.

West side of street

The original sections of this Greek Revival style house were built on this site, by 1862, for/by J. M. Clark.

The home of J. M. Clark, one of Clarkston's blacksmiths, this Greek Revival style house, was constructed by 1862. The 1872 Map of the Village shows the footprint of this house. At that time, J. M. Clark owned the lot to the south and a contiguous piece to the west, as well as a building on the southeast corner of Main and E. Church Street. The last building mentioned was the site of his business where he engaged in "carriage ironing, horse shoeing, and general blacksmithing" according to the map. This shop seen in photo, page 22, Heritage, later belonged to Frank Yeager. According to an item in the 9/04/1902 edition of The Oakland Post "J. M. Clark's house is replendent with a new coat of paint." The home remained in the Clark family until about 1920. A photo of the house circa 1900, page 18, Heritage, shows a large barn behind the house. The south facade may be seen in a circa 1909 photo, page 56. While the original clapboard was covered for a time with asbestos shingles (faux cedar) a 1990's remodeling uncovered the original clapboard. Some clapboard was replaced. A window on the north facade was removed and the front door was replaced. An addition was constructed to the west facade and the interior was extensively remodeled. A new garage was also built. The original heavy cornice on the broken pediment entablature is typical of the best examples of the Midwestern adaptation of the Greek Revival style. Other elements are the gentle pitch of the roofs and the two story with single story wing (with porch) configuration.

Official Property Description: 
  • Lot 8 of the Northwest Addition to Nelson W. Clark's Original Plat of the Village, in the Southwest 1/4 of Section 20 in Independence Township.
  • Lot 5 of the Supervisor's Replat of the Northwest Addition and part of the Original Plat and Cobb's Addition.
Significant Property History: 
  • Note: All the properties currently located in the Historic District were originally part of a tract registered by Butler Holcomb with the federal government on October 22, 1831. Thus, abstracts for these properties, when they exist, show the original transfer to be from the United States to Butler Holcomb and may also include references to then President Andrew Jackson.
  • 1862 J. M. Clark, this piece only, assessed value $500.
  • 1869 J. M. Clark, north by Ackerson and William Holcomb.
  • 1872 Map of the Village has a building footprint, owner, J .M. Clark.
  • 1875 J. M. Clark, north by F. King and William Holcomb, west by Holcomb, Mrs. Foster, south by W. S. Blake and St., east by St., assessed value $600.
  • 1881 J. M. Clark.
  • 1914 J. M. Clark, Estate, the north 1/2 of Lots 9 & 8, except 16 & 1/2', assessed value $1500.
  • 1920 Leonard and Alger, Lot 8, assessed value $2000, and property to the west of Lots 7,8 & 9.
  • 1923 Leonard and Alger, Lot 8 and 18' of Lot 9, assessed value $1800.
  • 1924 Leonard and Alger, Lot 8 and the north 16' of Lot 9 assessed value $2000, and some land to the west
  • 1925 Lee McFarland, Lot 8 except 16', assessed value $2100, and some to the west, assessed value $1800.
  • 1928 Lee McFarland, Lot 8 except 17' and the north 38/12' of Lot 9, assessed value $2300.
  • 1931 L. R. McFarland, Lot 5, assessed value $1800. & Lot 1, assessed value $250.
  • 1938 Howard E. Sage, Lot 1 and Lot 5, assessed value $1600.
  • 1954 Howard E. Sage, Lot 1 and Lot 5, assessed value $1600.
  • 1980 Mrs. Howard Sage.
Architecture Style: